The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees are people voted in by the members to look after the charity. The voting is held at the AGM which is held annually.

Here you can find information about our current board of trustees for both the charity ( Weeke Community Centre) and for the limited company, Weeke Social Club.

Weeke Community Centre Trustees

Chair – David Gardner

Treasurer – Julie Mutton

Secretary – Gemma North

Trustees – Neil Pittman, David Simpkin, Helen North, Becky North

Employees in Attendance – Jonathan Mutton, Pete North

Weeke Social Club Committee

Chair – Neil Pittman

Duty Chair – Helen North

Secretary – Pete North

Trustees – Mike Butcher, Becky North, Jason Brimson, Gary Barton

Employee in AttendanceĀ  – Jonathan Mutton